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Asset Management  with
AI and IoT Integration

Increase your Assets
visibility, dependability, and profitability 

Gain constant knowledge of the locations and conditions of your company's most important assets. To manage expensive equipment, machinery, electronic devices, and other assets to enhance operations and increase profitability, the majority of firms rely on asset monitoring technologies like Real Time Location monitoring (RTLS), IoT, and AI.

You can easily manage, track, monitor, and secure all essential assets with the help of AI and IoT enabled asset monitoring software. You can also control who has access to them and how and when they are used. With complete knowledge of the whereabouts and performance of all your assets in real time, your company will be able to increase operational efficiency and guarantee that employees have the resources they need to work at their highest level.

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Why Asset Management Software? 

The capabilities of remote asset tracking 


Centralized Asset Monitoring

No matter where the asset is located, our solution enables remote sites like manufacturing plants, facilities, cell tower sites, and more to be monitored from a single dashboard that tracks and analyses various asset performance parameters. This dashboard is accessible from anywhere at any time.


Asset performance Management

Our technology improves visibility into the health and condition of assets, decreases downtime, and monitors factors including condition, cost, performance, and remaining asset life. Additionally, our technology helps with the performance of root cause analysis, the lowering of asset risks, and the reporting of asset KPIs.


Asset Workflow Automation

Our solution reduces downtime, increases insight into asset health and condition, and keeps an eye on things like condition, cost, performance, and remaining asset life. Our technology also assists in the execution of root cause analysis, the reduction of asset risks, and the reporting of asset KPIs.


Real-time Monitoring & Alerting

The organisation may gain special visibility into the assets thanks to customised real-time alerts for both mobile and stationary assets. Additionally, our technology gives you the capacity to proactively manage any variances or deviations, lower risks and costs, and increase productivity and profitability.


Predictive Maintenance

With a predictive just-in-time maintenance plan, you may avoid malfunctions and eliminate unnecessary asset maintenance, increasing asset reliability, cutting parts and labour costs, and reducing asset outages.


Advanced Reporting

Personalised reports in the format you want, tailored to your assets and sites. To help you make data-driven decisions and accomplish the objectives of your organisation, reports such as comparison reports, asset performance reports, asset run hours reports, and others may be automatically created at predefined intervals.

In terms of accuracy and functionality, Bluetooth can compete with the most widely used products on the market. More importantly, BLE has shown to be far more affordable and straightforward to adopt. Thus, with less work and waste, beacons can allow cutting-edge use cases.


Our world is fast-paced and has seen significant technological advancements, notably in business. Each company needs to be more inventive, competitive, and efficient in this market to compete effectively. However, resource conservation should continue to be a top priority for firms even as they grow more creative.

As a result, interior navigation and indoor tracking technologies are increasingly being used in conjunction with different automation options. This technology is becoming more and more popular every year and is about to become a big trend in business and government.

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