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ChangeIT has been a first in bringing several pioneering solutions to the Education market. Our solutions not only address well-being of students and staff but also ensures efficient day to day operations.

Internet of Things and Elements of Things
ChangeIT visualizes a world where the knowledge of technology is fundamental and omnipresent. As we continue to make remarkable strides in the development, rollout, and success of IoT and AI, we now believe it is time to inspire and prepare the next generation of technical artists and creative leaders. With this objective, we are expanding our product base to exciting, experiential, and empowering tools and resources for children.

"Everyone Can Make" Movement
The central idea is to empower future generations to fix real-world problems by first getting them to believe they can. Making or creating or building something enhances people's confidence in their ability to solve problems. Our objective is to equip youngsters with 21st-century technology skills using innovative thinking, creative play, and hands-on learning​

We strongly believe in the ‘culture of making’ where people are encouraged to be more hands-on, innovative, think outside the box, and create things. Using technology as an enabler, ChangeIT empowers people to build futuristic projects they can be proud of and utilize every day.

Some other areas we specialize in are:

  • School Management Systems (LMS) 

  • Educational and Sports Centre Management Systems

  • 360-degree platforms to optimize operations for small and medium-sized education centers, sports clubs, and after-school clubs. Makes centre management very efficient by having everything in one place.

  • Online Conferencing and Remote Learning Solutions for Educational Institutes

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