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IIoT completely changes how your business operates

Internet of Things

We Believe in Connected Devices' ability to Solve Problems

IoT offers a potent method for using smart technology to connect various objects to the internet. It will enable connections between devices and the transmission of information, which can be applied in numerous ways. IoT is altering how businesses operate. IoT data can be integrated with advanced analytics to provide businesses with insightful data that will help them run more efficiently. For instance, sensors can be used for parking space identification, asset performance monitoring, tracking of people, and cold chain monitoring. The Internet of Things is ready to completely change how your business operates.


Our Industrial IoT Services 


IoT Consulting

The service involves working with businesses and organizations to identify opportunities to leverage IoT technology in their operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve business goals. Change IT can help clients select and implement appropriate IoT solutions, such as sensors, software platforms, and data analytics tool also Provide guidance on data management, security, and privacy to ensure that clients' IoT systems are secure.


IoT app Development

IoT app development enabling users to interact with and control IoT devices, and providing businesses with valuable insights into user behavior and device performance. Change IT follow the following standers stages for the app development Requirements gathering, Architecture and design, Development, Integration and testing, Deployment and maintenance. Building a mobile app or web application that communicates with one or more IoT devices,


IoT System Integration

IoT system integration involves various stages, including designing the architecture, selecting appropriate protocols and standards, configuring the hardware and software components, testing the system, and monitoring and maintaining the system's performance over time. Change IT can help the businesses to choose to work with IoT system integration experts or Change IT platform  to ensure that their IoT systems are seamlessly integrated and effectively managed.


Managed Services

As as experienced  IoT managed service provider (MSP), Change IT typically offers a range of services, including remote monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, and support for IoT devices and networks. This can provide several benefits to businesses, including - Reduced downtime, Scalability, Expertise, 

Cost savings and Improved security. Offers flexible and cost-effective  to solution minimizing the risks and challenges


IoT Platform

Our IoT platforms can be provided as a cloud-based service or as an on-premises solution, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries and use cases. IoT platforms are a critical component of IoT solutions, providing the infrastructure and tools needed to connect, manage, and analyze IoT data and devices. Capabilities including Device connectivity, Data management, Application development, Security and privacy and integration option 


Data Analytics

IoT data analytics is a critical component of IoT solutions, providing businesses with valuable insights and knowledge that can inform decision-making, improve outcomes, and drive innovation. Change IT provides IoT data analytics that includes Predictive maintenance, Optimization of processes and workflows, Real-time monitoring, Personalization which includes data collection, cleansing, transformation, analysis, and visualization.

Why IIoT? 

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