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Leading the way in AI innovation and services

Discover the possibilities of AI with our expertise

We are a group of committed experts that offer a variety of AI services to assist companies and organisations in utilising the potential of AI and machine learning. We collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their unique demands and provide solutions that are specifically customised to their needs.

Our AI consulting services assist our clients in locating potential locations to use AI throughout their businesses. We collaborate with them to create a strategic roadmap outlining how AI may be incorporated into their business to increase productivity, save expenses, and spur development.

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Our Service Capabilities


Machine Learning

We help businesses analyse vast amounts of operational data to find patterns and trends. Your information systems can think independently and anticipate outcomes with the aid of our machine-learning technology. Vision machines, facial recognition, retail video analytics, and computer vision are a few of our most well-liked offerings. We thoroughly examine each problem area before making the finest tools and solutions recommendations.


Deep Learning

Develop cognitive frameworks for commercial technologies that mimic the human brain using deep learning. We provide your machine the ability to imitate the workings of the human brain by using multi-layered Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to detect complicated and non-linear situations and react to them as people would. Our areas of expertise include sophisticated facial recognition technology, vision technology, retail analytics, and other services.


Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics helps your business by giving the most precise forecast of future events. Based on existing historical data, it determines the likelihood of future events using statistical methods and machine learning. Our predictive analytics solutions have helped many firms by helping them increase sales, identify fraud, improve operations, and optimise marketing efforts.


AI Conversational Tools

Intelligent conversational solutions that enable organisations to automatically respond to customer enquiries without requiring human interaction have been developed using our cutting-edge AI services. By assessing customer enquiries, reviewing past logs of satisfactorily resolved customer inquiries, and taking into account other crucial consumer qualities, our chatbots provide contextually intelligent responses to customers.


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation has advanced to the next level in terms of automating repetitive tasks with great accuracy and efficiency thanks to developments in AI technology. Our comprehension of work automation has aided several companies and organisations in reducing their dependency on manpower, which has increased profit margins. Automated license plate identification and automatic invoice reading are examples of work automation.


Computer Vision

Ombrulla's image, video, and text analytics solutions help your firm by accomplishing analytical activities that would normally take weeks to complete in a short period of time. Our computer vision expertise has helped a lot of businesses and organisations reduce labour and time requirements, resulting in higher profit margins. We created real-time video analytics for customer interactions with the storefront display.

Our AI Solutions

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