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Health Care Management

ChangeIT aims to Maximize Safety and Operational Efficiency at Healthcare organizations.​


Our key specialization areas are 

  1. Hospital Asset Tracking & Management

  2. Staff and Patient Locating & Protecting


We empower healthcare professionals, clinics, and hospitals to secure their assets and utilize them effectively, increase patient and staff safety as well as workflow optimization.

  • Secure and Improve Equipment Utilization

  • Reduce Inventories

  • Increase Staff Efficiencies

  • Improve Patient Care and Safety

 Hospital Asset Tracking & Management

  • Improve asset utilization and availability

  • Locate critical assets when needed

  • Monitor usage status

  • Manage asset calibration, maintenance, and replacement operations

  • Retrieve misplaced, hidden, lost or stolen assets

  • Improve asset ROI and unnecessary purchasing of redundant assets

 Staff Locating & Protecting

  • Protect staff from assaults; reach them quickly when they need help

  • Monitor doctor visit times

  • Monitor staff activity/ inactivity

  • Report staff movement history for a selected period

  • Easily locate staff when patients need them

  • Reduce claims, time away from work, overtime

  • Improve staff workflow, throughput and reduce wait times

 Patient Locating & Protecting

  • High precision patient location

  • Cutting edge automatic fall detection technology

  • Automatic notification in case of inactivity or sudden movement

  • Manage (nurse) help calls effectively

  • Track patients against elopement and boundary crossing

  • Get report of patient movement history for a selected period

  • Improve level of service and perception of quality

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