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Let's Change IT

We are a Strategic Business Consulting Firm with a mission to help organizations meet demands of business growth and most importantly, ensuring that business growth is sustainable. At ChangeIT, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company.

Our Services

Our Services

Leverage the power of IoT and AI with our service offering to transform your business operations and drive innovation. 

Internet of Things

With IoT, organizations can gain greater visibility into their operations, make more informed decisions in an increasingly digital world.

Asset Performance

Asset Tracking and Monitoring Systems provide organizations with greater control over their physical assets, helping them optimize their operations.


We are playing an important role in helping businesses and organizations leverage the power of AI to improve their operations.


Our solutions not only address well-being of students and staff but also ensures efficient day to day operations.

Health Care

We empower healthcare professionals and hospitals to secure their assets and utilize them effectively and workflow optimization.

Business Transformation

We help organizations meet demands of business growth, execute expansion plans, and identify pain-points and inefficiencies 

Strategic Partners

Computer Vision based Tracking 

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